Say ... Who is this J. St John anyway?

Josephine St John is a Sci-Fi Thriller writer in Austin, Texas, who often finds herself deep in the dark throes of the tales that spin and wind thick tunnels through her mind. Hence, the creation of the ISPA!

The InterSpecies Protection Agency is St John's way of balancing out the dark and heavy with just a little bit of light and airy – Because afterall, everyone needs a little laughter!

So, contained within this site are the collected quick-bit tales she collects each day. These tales are the product of her daily writing prep. They're fun, they're fast, and they're good for a laugh.

What they're not – is fully edited.

Instead, the author is focused on a primary goal to publish the first of the her DeMarrion Sphere Chronicles in Jan. 2023. (website pending)

So until then ... Sit back and enjoy these small little bubbles of joy!