Welcome to the ISPA!

Originally founded in 1972, The InterSpecies Protection Agency (ISPA) opened it's poorly painted barn doors as a peace and co-existance experiment in the backwater cornfields of Ohio. It's purpose was to bring understanding between Earthers and Off-Worlders who had arrived in the Great Influx of the late 1960's.

Needless to say, the experiment failed.

Perhaps it was timing. Perhaps it was location. Or perhaps it was the ramshackle office with it's child-like scrawl on the door that was just too hard to read. Regardless, the Ohio-based organization closed its doors in 1976 when old Farmer Cranston declared it a hazard, razing the remnants to the ground with one single pass of his John Deere tractor.

This did not deter the founders.

In 1992, the founders of the ISPA, who wish to remain anonymous, finally found enough financial backing to launch their first official office in the tiny town of Pottsboro, Texas.

Success at last!

After crafting a rather sticky resolution between the Klimorian Congregate and Mr. Peter Langrin, the InterSpecies Protection Agency finally found it's footing. News of the resolution reached national media, launching the ISPA into the limelight.

Today, the benefits to both Earthers and Off-Worlder's are enourmous.

With offices in nearly every major city of the world, the InterSpecies Protection Agency is instrumental is resolving the inevitable misunderstandings that arise between vastly differing species, be it Human, Klimorian, Velluvian, Pattle-Bax-Dra-Middian, or even the very tiny Shnip.

The ISPA now has a large array of services!

  • Conflict Resolution
  • Education on Human culture
  • Specialized Medical Response
  • Education on Off-Worlder culture
  • Compensation for lost, stolen, or consumed property
  • Bio-Remediation for accidental Off-Worlder bodily needs
  • Liason for Ambassadorial positions (both global and national)
  • Liason for National Crime Fighting Organizations (FBI, FSB, MI6, etc.)

As more and more Off-Worlders integrate and call Earth home, we hope you'll remember us here at the ISPA where we Serve with Sensitivity.